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About Me

My Roots…

I am Claudine Arrey a Cameroonian Canadian based in Edmonton ALBERTA. I was birthed in West Africa in Cameroon’s South West Region-Buea. I am a Daughter, Wife, Mum and FOOD INVITE is my baby!

FOOD is HOSPITALITY. In most African cultures it is how we say “I LOVE YOU.” The phrase, “Parents are Our First Teachers” is not only true of my values and upbringing is how I grew in LOVE with food. My culinary skills are in-born and mostly perfected from watching my parents in synergy beam in cookery. My love for cooking comes from being a picky eater and wanting to create food that suits my taste bud. Also, just loving the traditional gender roles. I love to cater to loved ones around me…it is exuberant! And if you are reading this, WELCOME TO THE FOOD INVITE FAMILY!

About Me

About Our Food

From Our Kitchen to Your Table

Our food is derived from a combination of popular street foods enjoyed in most Regions in Cameroon. However, I am putting my spin on it. Incorporated in our food is a mixture of blended African nuts, infused with scented leaves that upshots an aromatic flavour having you taste your lips in anticipation.

I have successfully completed the Provincial Food Sanitation and hygiene Course Conducted by Alberta Health Service. Our food is mostly done on grill…the smokey tender taste. The exotic lingering flavour. You know what they say about going black…HA! (CHARCOAL). The taste just can’t be beat! Our food is mostly spicy but can be done to accommodate your tolerance to heat. Food is cooked in our home boosting Hygienization, Warmth and LOVE.❤️


Let Us Cater To Your Next Event…

Let us cater to your next Event. Be it a Small Wedding, Bachelor’s Eve, Bridal Shower, Baby Showers, Gender Reveal, Birthday, Citizenship Ceremony, Romantic Dinner for two. We can also do private cooking in the comfort of your home. Make us part of your celebrations. Lets take the stress of planning for that special event and the fatigue that comes thereafter.

So relax and go on engaging in conversations with guest and most especially, be part of the Fun! Being a baby food service, with potential growth, we at this point are only able to cater for small gatherings of 20-30 persons max.

Food Invite


We would love to hear from you

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This being a passion we are excited to share with you all, comes with its own limitations apparently. We apologise ahead. We are available to cater two days a week Friday and Saturdays. Orders must be placed one week prior to your event date. There are however a handful of West African Traditional dishes we can cater to not outlined here. Hit us up and LETS SERVE YOUR IMAGINATION!